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Mar 27

Second Amendment Supporters – Keeping the Lights On

We operate the Second Amendment Supporters site because this is a cause that we feel very passionate about. Most of the cost of running this site is taken on by us. However, we do have supporters that help us keep the lights on. If you would like to help us keep things up and running, …

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Jan 10

Gun Safety Rules – A True Test of Your Motives

So, you don’t like guns? Don’t worry, there is good news! You don’t have to like guns to promote the 4 Rules of Gun Safety…. You simply need to have common sense and want to do something that can really help prevent gun-related accidents. Four Rules of Gun Safety All guns are always loaded. Never …

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Aug 12

Unique-ARs Sponsors Second Amendment Supporters Site

Second Amendment Supporters Welcomes Unique-ARs as Site Sponsor Atlanta, GA – ArmsVault is excited to announce that Unique-ARs, manufacturer of custom handguards for the AR-15 platform, has become a sponsor of the Second Amendment Supporters site. “We are very excited to be joined by Unique-ARs in our efforts to create awareness for the Second Amendment,” stated SecondAmendmentSupporters.com Founder, Greg …

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Jul 21

State Second Amendment Site Listing

Looking for Second Amendment supporters in your state? Check out our State Second Amendment Site Listing. If you know of a Second Amendment site in your state that we should add, be sure to let us know. Visit Now: State Second Amendment Organizations  

Jul 17

Second Amendment Glossary

The anti-gun crowd frequently uses incorrect terminology to confuse and scare the public. Use the Second Amendment Glossary to learn the truth about guns and the Second Amendment. Visit Now: Second Amendment Glossary