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Nov 25

Teaching New Shooters

In this episode of Love at First Shot, Natalie Foster and Julie Golob walk through everything you need to know in order to introduce new shooters to guns, giving them a fun experience that will leave them wanting more.  

May 13

Buying Your First Handgun

During this episode of Love at First Shot, Colion Noir and Natalie Foster give some tips for buying your first handgun. Natalie then travels to Wisconsin to learn about DuraCoat, a special paint coating for your handgun.

Oct 15

Rolling Stone Gun Article

Natalie Foster discusses the recent gun article from Rolling Stone that attempts to identify The 5 most Dangerous Guns in America.

Sep 29

Importance of Gun Training

Natalie Foster discusses the importance of gun training, including taking gun safety courses as they teach you to be prepared and think defensively.

Sep 19

Reasons for Carrying a Gun

Natalie Foster discusses her reasons for carrying a gun. Being this prepared is a commitment to yourself, your loved ones, and your future safety.