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Jun 20

Fox 5 Admits AR-15 Not Assault Rifle

In this video, a local Fox 5 news crew admits their mistake in calling the AR-15 an assault rifle. Why is this important?… It is important because a common tactic of the anti-Second Amendment crowd is to use “scary” sounding terminology in an effort to manipulate those who do not know better. In this case, they have tried (rather …

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Sep 02

Texas International Firearms Festival Announce Exhibitors

The Texas International Firearms Festival Announce Exhibitor Line-Up for November Event Liberty Hill, Texas (September 2014) – The first annual Texas International Firearms Festival (TIFF) is going great guns! Exhibitors to the two-day “come and shoot it” event (November 8th and 9th at Best of the West Shooting Sports in Austin Texas) now include Advanced Armament Corporation, ArmaLite, Beretta, …

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Jul 22

Texas Governor Rick Perry Introduces the Texas International Firearms Festival

Texas Governor, Rick Perry Welcomes Visitors and Texans Alike to the Inaugural Texas International Firearms Festival (TIFF) Two-day Texas Gun Fest event, scheduled for November 8 and 9, features top firearms manufacturers, Austin City food, plenty of action and fun for the entire family. LIBERTY HILL, TX (July 2014) – Texas Governor, Rick Perry is the latest public …

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Jul 15

Texas International Firearms Festival, Celebrating Our 2nd Amendment Freedoms

The Texas International Firearms Festival, Celebrating Our 2nd Amendment Freedoms, Texas Style! Professional Performance Shooter and Adventurer Kirsten Joy Weiss hosts the Lone Star State Inaugural firearms event featuring top firearms manufacturers’ products for a chance to try and buy. LIBERTY HILL, TX (June 2014) – Tickets are now on sale for the Texas International Firearms Festival(TIFF). The …

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