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As supporters of the Second Amendment, we also need to be advocates of proper gun safety. Be sure to share gun safety information with your friends and family!

Nov 25

Teaching New Shooters

In this episode of Love at First Shot, Natalie Foster and Julie Golob walk through everything you need to know in order to introduce new shooters to guns, giving them a fun experience that will leave them wanting more.  

Nov 20

Concealed Carry Tips – What to do When Pulled Over By Police

Some great concealed carry tips from SIG SAUER Academy Director Adam Painchaud. This video offers advice and tips for safely interacting with police during a traffic stop when legally carrying a firearm.  

Jun 25

Off the Body Concealed Carry

Famed competitor and NRA Mom Julie Glob explains an important safety issue to keep in mind if you use an off the body concealed carry method, such as a purse or bag. Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain control of your firearm at all times!

Oct 25

How to Rack a Handgun Slide

New shooters are often intimidated when it comes to racking the slide of a semi-automatic handgun. What they don’t realize is that is is much more about technique than strength. This is a great video from the National Association for Gun Rights that demonstrates how to rack a handgun slide.

Oct 15

4 Rules of Firearm Safety

Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng shares the 4 Rules of Firearm Safety and emphasizes that these rules apply not only at the shooting range but every time you handle a firearm. Four Rules of Gun Safety: All guns are always loaded. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy. Keep your …

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