Mar 26

Gun Owners of America at March For Our Lives

Gun Owners of America (GOA) hit the streets of the March For Our Lives event to find what the true intentions are of the protesters and what their ideal version of gun control in America would be.

After watching this video you might be tempted to dismiss many of the protesters because they seem totally ignorant of the facts, and only seem capable of repeating anti-gun rhetoric that they have heard. But, I would argue that these kinds of people are the most dangerous. These people do not think for themselves. They will blindly follow and do as they are told. These people are easily manipulated and their numbers seem to be growing by the day. These people vote, and many will work their way into positions of power. Our Second Amendment is absolutely in jeopardy!

Please to don’t stand by and hope that others will defend the Second Amendment for you! Join the fight now! For $50 you can become a member of both the Gun Owners of America and the NRA!

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