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Mar 26

Future of Gun Channels on YouTube

It is no secret that YouTube is not a supporter of the Second Amendment! In this video, Mike from the Mrgunsngear channel weighs in on the future of gun channels on YouTube. If you aren’t familiar with the Mrgunsngear channel, be sure to check it out (while you still can). In my opinion, this is …

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Jul 21

Massachusetts Bans Sale of AR-15 Rifles

For those that think it can’t happen… In a major violation to the Second Amendment, the attorney general of Massachusetts has just banned the sale of AR-15 rifles, and many other firearms. In this video, Mrgunsngear gives a quick overview of the new anti-Second Amendment law in Massachusetts. Read More: National Review

Nov 17

Lessons To Learn From Paris Attacks

Mrgunsngear takes a look at the news from Paris, France and what lessons we can learn to increase our odds of getting out of a similar situation safely.