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Nov 07

Hillary Clinton Thinks She is Above the Law

Hillary Clinton thinks that she is above the law. Every vote she receives tells her she is correct. Vote Trump!  

Oct 08

Saved by Her Gun – Kristi’s Story

Because she had a gun to defend herself, Kristi survived a knife attack. Anti-gun politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, will work hard to┬átake away your right to own a gun. VOTE TRUMP!  

Jul 12

Second Amendment Supporters For Trump

The Second Amendment Supporters site officially endorses Donald Trump for President. Every┬ávote for Hillary Clinton is a vote against the Second Amendment!  

May 20

Donald Trump Speaks at 2016 NRA Annual Meeting

From the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks about his strong support for gun rights. He says the Second Amendment is on the ballot this September and the only way to save it is to vote for him.

Sep 29

2016 Presidential Candidates on Guns

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) put together this collection of the 2016 presidential candidates giving their stance on guns. Candidates shown include Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich, Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump.  

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