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Dec 05

The Second Amendment Was Written for Times Like These

Dom Raso warns that the threat of radical Islamic terror is not going away. He urges Americans to get the training necessary to make our homes, neighborhoods and communities the worst places on earth to try to kill innocent people. The Second Amendment was written for times like these, says Dom, and it’s exactly what …

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Jun 21

The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, discusses the threat of lone wolf attacks. Are you prepared for the next San Bernardino? The next Boston? The next Orlando? ISIS is determined to inspire more radical Islamic lone-wolf attacks aimed at innocent Americans. That problem is on President Obama’s desk every single day. And our failure to …

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Nov 05

Family and Firearms

Dom Raso discusses family, firearms, and the importance of securing yourself, your family and your assets.

Aug 04

Constitutional Rights – Firearms and the Blind

Dom Raso reminds us that when discussing Constitutional rights for citizens, we need to start on the side of freedom.

Jul 30

Unrealistic Thinking and Anti-Gunners

Dom Raso addresses a recent Daily Beast article that is a good example of the type of unrealistic thinking that fuels the fire of anti-gunners.