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Oct 31

Mossberg Sponsors NRATV’s NOIR Show

Mossberg Renews Sponsorship of NRATV’s NOIR Show FAIRFAX, Va. – (SecondAmendmentSupporters.com) – Mossberg and NRA announced today the firearms manufacturer’s renewed sponsorship of NRATV’s NOIR show. Now entering into its sixth season, NOIR features engaging personality Colion Noir. The urban gun enthusiast has made it his mission to push past the politics of guns and …

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Feb 11

Gun Control and Racism

A look at gun control’s racist history. What better way to maintain dominance over an ethnic group, than to ensure they are disarmed!  

Jul 06

Inner-City Gun Violence & Gun Control

Colion Noir criticizes the anti-gun politicians that use inner-city gun violence to promote their gun control agenda, while they ignore measures such as criminal justice reform that could actually save lives in the inner cities.  

Feb 11

The Truth About Online Gun Sales

Anti-gun politicians know exactly what they are doing when they make misleading statements about the ability to buy guns online. In this video, Colion Noir does a fantastic job of explaining the truth about online gun sales. Want to help promote the Second Amendment? Share this post with as many people as possible!!  

Jan 05

The Gun Show Loophole Myth Explained

You know that scary Gun Show Loophole that the anti-gun politicians talk about? Guess what… there is no such thing as a Gun Show Loophole! So, why would the anti-gunners make up a phrase like that? Simple… because many people will believe it. In the following video, Colion Noir does a great job of explaining …

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