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Jul 21

Massachusetts Bans Sale of AR-15 Rifles

For those that think it can’t happen… In a major violation to the Second Amendment, the attorney general of Massachusetts has just banned the sale of AR-15 rifles, and many other firearms. In this video, Mrgunsngear gives a quick overview of the new anti-Second Amendment law in Massachusetts. Read More: National Review

Jul 20

The Second Amendment is for All Americans

Don’t let politicians manipulate you into thinking that the Second Amendment isn’t meant for you. The Second Amendment is for all Americans! If a politician wants to take away your right to defend yourself, your mission is clear… Vote against them!

Jul 06

Inner-City Gun Violence & Gun Control

Colion Noir criticizes the anti-gun politicians that use inner-city gun violence to promote their gun control agenda, while they ignore measures such as criminal justice reform that could actually save lives in the inner cities.  

Jun 23

2nd Amendment Truth

Andrew with GY6vids hands out some 2nd Amendment Truth, and discusses how the anti-Second Amendment crowd uses tragedies (committed by evil people) to further their anti-gun agenda.  

Jun 21

The Threat of Lone Wolf Attacks

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL, Dom Raso, discusses the threat of lone wolf attacks. Are you prepared for the next San Bernardino? The next Boston? The next Orlando? ISIS is determined to inspire more radical Islamic lone-wolf attacks aimed at innocent Americans. That problem is on President Obama’s desk every single day. And our failure to …

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