Feb 19

8th Grader Stands Up for Second Amendment

I’ll be honest… I don’t have a lot of faith that our younger generations are being taught the value of the Second Amendment. To be blunt, I think a good portion of our youth is more concerned with what the Kardashians are up to, or what pose they should use for their next selfie, than they are with defending our freedom. I know, I know… that might seem kind of harsh. But, I don’t really blame the kids. Furthermore, I don’t really blame the media, or even our education system.

So, who do I blame? Well, prepare yourself… some of you aren’t going to like this… I blame parents! Not all parents, of course. I blame the ones that place a tablet or cell phone in their kid’s hands, and think that is parenting. I blame the parents that let their kids sit down for hours and play video games, when they could go outside and actually learn something about life. This type of parenting produces kids that know little of actual life, and can be totally manipulated by nothing more than a clever anti-gun Instagram post or YouTube video. And unfortunately, the anti-Second Amendment crowd is pretty damn savvy when it comes to taking advantage of this.

Despite my fairly pessimistic view of what we can expect from future generations, I occasionally see a sign that not all is lost. Occasionally I see a sign that some kids actually have common sense, and realize that the problems we face have nothing to do with guns.

The following video is from Jane West, an 8th grader in South Carolina. She made this video in response to a school contest in which students were instructed to draw pictures designed to reduce gun violence in schools. Needless to say, some of these pictures took on an anti-gun theme.

Thanks Jane, for standing up for the Second Amendment! And on a personal note, thanks for making my view of our future a bit more optimistic!