Dec 23

Anti-Gun Video Encourages Kids to Steal Guns

Are you losing faith in humanity? Wait until you see this anti-gun video that encourages kids to steal guns!

I know what you might be thinking… Surely this video isn’t that bad! Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it is. In fact, it is worse than bad. Not only does the video show a child stealing a gun from his parent, he also thinks it is acceptable to take it into school, walk up to his teacher, pull the gun out, and set it on her desk…. You know… because ‘he just doesn’t feel safe with guns in the house’.

Of course, I could go on explaining what is wrong with this video. But, the truth is, if you can’t see what is wrong with it, you are too far gone to be reasoned with.

Instead, I am going to use this anti-gun nonsense as a fund-raiser for the Second Amendment Supporters site. Yes, I said it. The fact is, the World is full of people who actually fall for the crazy behavior being promoted in this video. The goal of our site is to create awareness for the Second Amendment in hopes that clear-thinking individuals will actively defend it. If you would like to help support our mission, check out our Donation Page.

12/29/14 – Update

  • It seems that┬áthe maker of this ridiculous video is no longer interested in it being seen by the masses and has set it to “private”.