Oct 25

How to Rack a Handgun Slide

New shooters are often intimidated when it comes to racking the slide of a semi-automatic handgun. What they don’t realize is that is is much more about technique than strength. This is a great video from the National Association for Gun Rights that demonstrates how to rack a handgun slide.

Oct 24

Gun Rights Voting Guide

The Gun Owners of America 2014 Voting Guide is now available. This is a great tool to determine where candidates in your area stand on your gun rights. Visit Now: GOA-PVF Voting Guide Now you know how your candidates feel about the Second Amendment. It is now up to you to vote!!  

Oct 24

Cornerstones – US Constitution and Second Amendment

Nikki Turpeaux reminds us that the Constitution (and Second Amendment) is critical to the stability and foundation of the United States, and if we start losing key components of it, our freedoms will go with it.

Oct 22

Stand Up For Gun Ownership

Chris Cheng talks about why it’s so important to stand up for yourself and your gun ownership rights.

Oct 21

Girls Really Into Shooting

Founder of Girls Really Into Shooting (GRITS), discusses the growth of the group designed to introduce women to sport shooting.

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