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Do you believe in the right to keep and bear arms? Most Americans do. But, those that do not are actively fighting to take away our Second Amendment rights.

The Second Amendment Supporters site is here to give you the tools you need to defend our gun rights. Browse our site for Second Amendment news, find a Second Amendment Organization, or learn more about your right to keep and bear arms.

The Second Amendment will not continue to exist simply because we want it to. If you value your right to keep and bear arms, we challenge you to:

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  • Recent Second Amendment News and Info

    • Adams Arms - Toms Shoes Buyback ProgramAdams Arms Kicks Off #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement
      Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement ( – Last week, Toms shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie, publicly stated that Toms would donate $5 million to various anti-gun organizations under the guise of “universal background checks to end gun […]
    • South Dakota Gov-elect Kristi NoemConcealed Carry without a Permit Possible in South Dakota
      South Dakotans may soon be able to carry concealed handguns without a permit SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – After years of unsuccessful attempts, supporters of legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in South Dakota anticipate revived prospects […]
    • NRA-Life-Membership-DiscountNRA Life Membership Discount
      The NRA Life Membership discount is back! This is a great opportunity to save money while joining the fight to defend our Second Amendment! Join Now Through December 31st, NRA Life Memberships are discounted to $600 (regular price $1500)! If you aren’t ready to make the […]
    • Brett KavanaughContact Your Senator and Urge Them to Confirm Brett Kavanaugh to …
      On Thursday, the nation witnessed what happens when a man of principle, integrity, and dignity clashes with Washington, D.C.’s political hit machine. U.S. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh presented a scorching defense of his record and his character after Democrats on the […]
    • Feinstein Claims AR-15 Rifles Are Not In Common UseFeinstein Claims AR-15 Rifles Are Not In Common Use
      Senator Dianne Feinstein has spent the last 26 years pushing gun control at the federal level and earlier this month demonstrated her willingness to distort facts and Supreme Court precedent in her ongoing effort to restrict your Second Amendment rights. During a […]